My friends gave me a cool digital video camera for my birthday, and it totally changed my life! I quit my job Ė what did I need it for if I was going to make a dream of my whole life come true. Some people dream about space, others about millions, and I dreamt about fucking real hotties and filming them for my collection. Now itís the only stuff Iím doing for life and Iím doing it soooo damn good! You can check it and then tell me your opinion by the way ;)

So let me share a few secrets before you can actually see the wildest movies on the net. I walk around the streets and parks, go to clubs and bars (sometimes you can even find a nice piece of meat in the moll) and pick hot looking gals with dirty thoughts on their minds. Almost every babe wanna be fucked by stranger so what is needed from me is charm and persistence, and, well sometimes, a little dough. Voila! You see them working on my dick while Iím shooting them POV and (another secret) by my hidden cam. Of course they donít know I have this siteÖ So please donít tell them about it if by any chance you meet any of them in the street :)
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